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1886 West Auburn Rd, Ste 200, Rochester Hills, MI 48309
  • Hair Removal

Hair Removal Rochester Hills, MI

Facial waxing

Facial waxing is beneficial for shaping eyebrows and removing unwanted hair from the upper lip and chin.*

*Individual results may vary.

Laser hair reduction

A long-lasting method of hair removal, appropriate for the face and upper and lower body (including bikini line). During the procedure, patients wear protective eyewear and recline comfortably in our Sensory Thera-Podâ„¢. Following the procedure you may notice some redness or small red bumps; these bumps will subside usually within 24 hours. In the following few days the hairs will shed. You can apply makeup to the face immediately and resume normal activities.

Hair has cycles of rest and activity. This process affects only active growing hair. Additional treatments are usually necessary for the best result.

For other hair removal options, we offer waxing service for:

  • Eyebrow
  • Face
  • Underarm
  • Bikini
  • Leg

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