Typically, women who pursue breast reduction aren’t looking for a small decrease in size. Usually, these women have breasts that are severely disproportionate to their body, which can create a number of issues. An issue that is not medically concerning, but that can have a negative impact on your quality of life, is finding clothes that fit properly.

A majority of clothing is designed based off of the average proportions of a person of that size. A person with disproportionally large breasts will find it difficult to find a shirt or top that can fit around their breasts. They may find that wearing oversized and unflattering clothes is the only way they can leave the house, which prevents them from living their ideal life.

Don’t let your breasts prevent you from dressing how you want or from feeling comfortable with and confident about your body. Contact us to schedule a consultation for your breast reduction procedure with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Mark.