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Struggling to Achieve Visible Muscle Definition? Consider CoolTone™

Struggling to Achieve Visible Muscle Definition? Consider CoolTone™

It can be frustrating to spend dedicated time in the gym, yet struggle to achieve the muscle definition you desire. Everyone has a different body type and sometimes you’re at the mercy of what your unique physique can achieve on its own through proper eating and exercise. 

There’s a way to achieve a slimmer, more toned figure without surgery or extended downtime. Whether you’re looking to tone your abdomen, or have more contour through your waist and hips, CoolTone may just be the nonsurgical treatment you’re looking for. 

The licensed team of aesthetic professionals at The Spa MD are devoted to helping you look as good as you feel. With the help of CoolTone, our team can help you reach your toning goals and feel great. Keep reading to find out how this noninvasive treatment can help you achieve a more toned figure. 

What is CoolTone?

CoolTone is the latest addition to body contouring. This FDA-cleared nonsurgical treatment is used to tone and firm the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. These are the most common problem areas that people seek to improve. 

How does CoolTone work?

CoolTone uses Active Magnetic Pulse (AMP) technology to deliver targeted pulses into muscle tissue. This triggers powerful contractions that you would not be able to achieve on your own and strengthens muscles in the targeted area. 

Science is on your side. Experts in science developed AMP technology, and some of the foremost leading athletes use it to enhance their performance. AMP not only tones and firms but it provides active recovery for optimal balance. 

CoolTone can be combined with other FDA-cleared body contouring treatments for maximum benefit. If you desire to also remove pockets of stubborn fat, our team can combine your CoolTone treatment with CoolSculpting for the ultimate in body contouring. 

CoolTone results

CoolTone is a virtually painless way to tone your figure. There’s no downtime required. After your treatment you can return to your normal daily activities immediately. Most clients see results in as little as 2-4 weeks. You will continue to see improvement for up to six months. 

Am I a good candidate for CoolTone?

Anyone who is at or near their target weight and wanting to improve their body tone can benefit from CoolTone. As with any treatment, CoolTone isn’t right for everyone. Patients with certain medical conditions who rely on certain medical implant devices should not use CoolTone. Your provider will discuss your options after a thorough consultation, including a review of your medical history.

Take your toning goals to the next level with CoolTone. To get started, call our Rochester Hills, Michigan, office to speak with a knowledgeable team member to schedule your initial consultation. New and existing patients can also send a booking request online using our scheduling portal.

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