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How Does a TCA Peel Help Rejuvenate My Skin?

About TCA

An effective and safe chemical-based skin peel is the TCA peel. It is globally acknowledged as the most sought-after skin peel treatment today. “TCA” stands for trichloroacetic acid, which has the effect of making a dead layer of skin peel off, leaving new virgin skin to show itself. This regenerated skin underneath the “old” skin is naturally smoother, with no wrinkling whatsoever, and with an even skin tone and hue. The treatment is ideal for correcting the effects of the damage of the sun on the skin (superficial damage only), skin texture that is uneven, scarring caused by acne, wrinkles, pores that are enlarged, and lines and tiny folds.

The Treatment

The technique of TCA is widely known as one of the safest methods of skin peeling. Visible effects can be seen in as swiftly as one sitting of the treatment. It is ideal for treating particular skin defects. A solution of TCA is applied to the patient’s skin, and the patient feels no pain or discomfort whatsoever, except for a tingling feeling and a slight bit of warmth as the solution is applied. This fades in a few minutes. Though results are spontaneous, the number of sittings recommended by experts is four, over the duration of around a fortnight to a month. There is no specific preparation for this, but some experts claim that skin exfoliation may be beneficial for better results (this can be done around two weeks prior to the TCA peel treatment). The purpose of this is that it facilitates heightened penetrative capacity of the TCA solution and consequently, better treatment outcomes.


Moderate peeling of the skin will be experienced three to seven days after treatment. It is not advisable to use makeup at this point in time. You may want to take time off work, as your appearance may not be ideal. After treatment, you are required to use certain products to prevent negative skin reactions. A cleanser, a moisturizer, and a sun screen need to be used on a daily basis after your treatment and right through the program of skincare. You will be charged an extra amount for skincare products. You may discuss this with your consultant. The treatment is non-invasive, and gives your face a lift in the right direction.

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