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Archive for June, 2018

Are You Unhappy with Your Appearance Because of Your Spider Veins?

Having a sculpted body does not mean you’re comfortable with your appearance. There are a lot of noticeable aesthetic issues that people can have with their body aside from excess fat, sagging skin, and poor muscle tone. One common aesthetic issue that many people have is noticeable spider veins on their legs. During the colder […]

Are Your Sagging Upper Eyelids Hurting Your Vision?

Did you know that sagging upper eyelids can reduce your field of vision? When eyelid sagging occurs, it can reach the point where the eyelids obscure a portion of the pupil. Severe eyelid sagging can lead to a noticeable decrease in a person’s field of view and their quality of life. If your sagging upper […]

An Easy Way to Treat Toenail Fungus

Do you try to avoid going to the beach or hanging out by the pool because of your toenail fungus? If you want to be able to feel comfortable when you’re barefoot or wearing sandals, our team at The Spa MD has the perfect treatment for you. W offer toenail-fungus-removal treatments using ClearChoice. ClearChoice is […]

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