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Archive for February, 2017

Fixing a Stretched or Torn Earlobe

Heavy earrings and gauges can really give you a bold and noticeable appearance that can be a nice change of pace. The issue with these pieces of jewelry is that they can permanently alter the way your earlobes look. Once the earlobe skin has been stretched out to a certain degree, it will not return […]

Experiencing Joint Pain as a Result of Large Breasts

Women who have disproportionately large breasts have always dealt with the additional discomfort that comes along with trying to perform daily tasks. Over time, the stress and strain that your breasts are placing on your body can lead to more severe issues. Large breasts can place a significant amount of stress on the back, shoulders, […]

Breast Augmentation – The Inframammary Incision

When it comes to the breast augmentation procedure, there are three main options for incision pattern and location. Each option comes with its own advantages, and all three can provide beautiful and natural-looking results that will help to satisfy your aesthetic needs. The inframammary incision is made along the breast fold (the crease beneath the […]

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