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Archive for January, 2017

Expanding Your Fashion Possibilities Through Breast Reduction

Typically, women who pursue breast reduction aren’t looking for a small decrease in size. Usually, these women have breasts that are severely disproportionate to their body, which can create a number of issues. An issue that is not medically concerning, but that can have a negative impact on your quality of life, is finding clothes […]

Thigh Lift – Sculpting Smoother Thighs with More Appealing Contours

Excess fat that builds up on the thighs can give them an uneven and unappealing appearance. This aesthetic issue may be noticeable when you wear certain clothes and can prevent you from feeling comfortable in more intimate situations. With a thigh lift, you can feel comfortable and confident with the shape and appearance of your […]

The Primary Causes of a Sagging Arm

Loose sagging upper-arm skin can be an unsightly issue that one must confront on a daily basis. It is a common problem amongst a large portion of the population, because the primary causes of sagging upper-arm skin affect everyone throughout their daily lives. Your genetics play a large role in the health and appearance of […]

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